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"When you go out into the desert, do you find yourself? Or lose yourself? Or something in between? That is one of the themes that Departed writer William Monahan is tackling in his second film as a director, Mojave. We’ve got some exclusive new images from the film to share, and spent time with Monahan on the set of the film to discuss it with him and star Garrett Hedlund."

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Check Out this article from the Evening Standard about Brett Goldstein's upcoming feature Superbob. Click on the picture to read the full article.



Watch Amazon's Pilot For SitCom 'Really' for FREE!! Starring Jay Chandrasekhar and Sarah Chalke.

Very smart and beautiful short film demonstrating 'The Secret World Of Foley'. Staring my good friend Sue Harding, this film is the best visual explanation of foley I have seen. From now on, when someone asks me what i do for a living i will refer them to this film.


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Currently doing the short film festival circuits, hopefully this film will be available to watch online in the near future to enlighten audience to what actually goes on behind the scenes. If we do our job well, the audience should never notice we have even been there and this film is a fantastic enlightenment to the importance, creativity and hard work that goes into one of the industries little know and often forgotten roles.

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K5 Picks up Stephen Fingleton's Thriller 'The Survivalist' and Caryn Waechter's 'The Sisterhood Of Night' to take to AFM.

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